Are Racing Style Gaming Chairs Worth it? | Gaming Chairs vs. Office Chairs

You’ve probably seen many Twitch streamers and popular gaming Youtubers use DXRacers before, but you’ve also probably thought are these expensive racing style chairs really worth it? After all, they are just chairs and how good could a chair be.

In terms of chairs for gaming, you basically have two options: a standard office chair and a Racing style gaming chair — usually one from DXRacer. DXRacer chairs will set you back $350 at the very least, but the company’s excellent marketing of their product via gaming influencers and the sexy brand name they have managed to build have made DXRacers a very hot product.

There are a lot of other ways to get something that looks and feels like a DXRacer for much cheaper because so many clones have caught onto how popular the racing-style gaming chair has become.

With office chairs already being quite good and the market saturated with chairs that look all but identical to a DXRacer, are the genuine $350+ DXRacer chairs really worth the hefty price?

Gaming Chairs vs. Office Chairs

There are a few major differences between your standard office chair and a racing style gaming chair.


Classic bred colorway!

Like most gaming related peripherals, gaming chairs usually have a flashy or aggressive design and color palate. Office chairs, designed for a home or professional setting, are much more conservative in this aspect. Designs can still be aesthetic like what you see with Herman Miller, but colors are generally more neutral and have less contrast with each other if there are any different colors on the chair in the first place.

This mostly comes down to preference. A racing style gaming chair is going to make your rig look more serious than an office chair — though something like a Herman Miller will probably have an even greater effect. However, Herman Millers cost even more than DXRacers so that argument collapses by itself.


The insanely sexy Herman Miller Embody

The second fundamental distinction between office chairs and gaming chairs, in general, is the design and ergonomics. The original DXRacer chairs were based on the seats of sports cars and Formula 1 racecars, hence the generic name “racing chair”. DXRacers have the classic elevated front and bucket seats sports cars have. While the bucket seat design is optimal for a performance car because it keeps the driver in the correct position by preventing movement and orienting his legs towards the pedals, its not necessarily good as a standalone chair.

DXRacers have a lot less cushioning than office chairs and have a much much tighter fit. Again, this is ultimately based on personal preference, but gaming chairs certainly feel nothing like an office chair.

Office chairs are ultimately designed to provide maximum support and comfort for long work sessions while racing seats are designed for performance driving lol. It’s pretty obvious which of the above tasks is closer related to gaming, but

The Office Chair

Your average ugly office chair

On the contrary, even the cheapest office chairs sport a highly ergonomic design that will make for comfortable seating for hours on end. This is accomplished with maximum adjustability that will make almost any chair suitable for all body types and with a much more intuitive seat design.

Keep in mind though, office chairs cover a wide price range, unlike their gaming counterparts which are often pricier. As such, the more affordable office chairs will often lack all the memory foam cushioning and other high-quality components/features that are present in the more expensive ones.


The truth about DXRacer is that even though you get an undeniably high-quality chair, you’re still paying for the brand. DXRacer is the Apple of gaming chairs — the power of the brand and the style is enough for customers to pay for their products despite their being more economical alternatives.

A lot of companies now produce gaming chairs that look and function basically the same as DXRacers. Companies like Maxonmic and Akracing are priced similarly to DXRacer and offer direct competition, so you might want to look at these two companies if you are willing to shell out the money required for a top-of-the-line racing chair, However, you can find numerous other companies on the market selling racing style chairs for less than $200 and occasionally even less than $100. Obviously, you will likely be making sacrifices in terms of design and quality, but even the sub-$100 dollar gaming chairs are not bad at all.

Also don’t forget about office chairs! Though the big brown plushy executive chairs are probably not attractive to the average gamer, there are so many types of office chairs that you’ll almost be guaranteed to find one that you like. Office chairs can range for like under $500 to over $1,500 if you want something like a Herman Miller Embody — there’s a lot of variety to pick from.


It probably looks like we said a lot of negative things about gaming chairs, but don’t necessarily let that scare you away from buying a DXRacer. They are still very high-quality chairs with a cult-like following — they are obviously doing something right. However, don’t be scared of buying a cheaper clone or an office chair either. More times than not, you’ll probably be happier with saving the money. Office chairs can provide very similar quality and usability to gaming chairs for a good price if you find the right ones, but almost none will truly match the design and comfort for gaming that a gaming chair provides.

However, the main takeaway is: don’t believe the marketing hype that gaming chairs delivery better performance. You’re much better off spending $400 on a PC upgrade than a DXRacer.


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