DXRacer vs Maxnomic – Which Brand is Better for You?

If you’re a gamer worth your salt, you’ve probably heard of DXRacer — But Maxnomic, a brand by NeedForSeat, has come out with some very competitive gaming chairs

DXRacer, the popularizer of racing-style gaming chairs, has been the king in gaming chairs forever. However, Maxnomic has come out of chairs very similar in design and features to DXRacer chairs. Which company offers the better product? It’s hard to say, and here are our comparison points.

 DXRacer Maxonomic
WarrantyLifetime Warranty on Frame; Limited Two-Year Warranty on PartsOnly Limited Two-Year Warranty on All Parts
Build QualityVery GoodGenerally Slightly Better than DXRacer
FeaturesWide Range of FeaturesWide Range of Features
DesignBoth PU Leather and MeshOnly PU Leather
Price Range~$290 to ~$600~$330 to ~$590

Build Quality

Both Maxnomic and DXRacer chairs have superb build quality — there’s no clear winner here. Both brands have a metal frame and base in all their chairs, as well as high-quality internals and a durable finish. The moving parts on these gaming chairs, of which there are many, will occasionally malfunction. However, the lift, recline, swivel, and twist mechanisms on the chair frame, base, and, armrests are of much higher quality than that of the cookie-cutter office chair. The quality of the chairs are both backed up by the warranties, which is the next point of comparison.


DXRacer has the better warranty. Both brands offer a two-year limited warranty on the chair, but DXRacer gives you a lifetime warranty on the frame, while Maxnomic does not. Though the DXRacer warranty for most chair components ends after you years, you have a lifetime guarantee that the chair will work as a chair forever.


In terms of variety. DXRacer annihilates Maxnomic.

DXRacer has the Formula Series, Racing Series, Valkyrie Series, King Series, Sentinel Series, Tank Series, Boss Series, Classic Series, Work Series, Elite Series, Drifting Series, and Iron Series chairs.

Maxnomic only has four categories of chairs: Casual sport, Pro-Gaming & Office, Office Comfort, XL-series (A far far smaller collection)


Maxnomic has emulated the design of DXRacer chairs very closely and very well, and functionally they feel almost identical. We won’t comment on the aesthetics because that for you to decide: it’s subjective. One thing Maxnomic does beat DXRacer in for sure is the exclusive use of PU Leather as a covering, while the base model for most DXRacer chairs have a mesh covering, with PU Leather only as decorative accents. If you’re shelling out hundreds of dollars on a chair, it’s simply not worth it to get a chair that has cheap looking mesh as the covering. However, the premium for a full PU-leather covering on DXRacer chairs is only around $30, so that option is always out there for you.

Price Range

Maxnomic has a very competitive and nearly identical pricing system compared to DXRacer. DXRacer’s price range goes from just under $300 for a base model Formula Series all the way to the massive Tank Series chair, which will set you back around $600. The high end of Maxnomic’s price range is pretty much the same as DXRacer, but the cheapest DXRacer chair will cost around forty dollars more than the cheapest DXRacer chair. BUT, most of this price discrepancy can be attributed to the fact that Maxnomic doesn’t offer the base model mesh chairs DXRacer does.

Who Wins Out?

Both Maxnomic and DXRacing offer great racing style gaming chairs at similar price points — so it’s really just a matter of which one you instinctively like more. Simply said, you cannot go wrong with either. But if we had to choose one, DXRacer would probably edge out Maxnomic just by virtue of it having a better warranty plus being an established, reliable brand. However, a Maxnomic chair that is a bit cheaper than a DXRacer chair would be a great choice for a gamer on a budget.

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