DXRacer vs AKRacing – Which Brand is Better for You?

The American owned DXRacer dominates the racing style gaming chair market, but European companies like AKRacing are offering very strong competition. With the chairs all looking so similar, it can be hard for gamers to know which chais are the best for them.

AKRacing? DXRacer? Even the two names look and sound similar. It is even hard for us to tell the non-trivial differences between DXRacing and AKRacing chairs. Here we will try out best to set out a fair comparison.

 DXRacer AKRacing
WarrantyLifetime Warranty on Frame; Limited Two-Year Warranty on Parts5 Year Warranty on Chair, 10 Year Warranty on Fra,e
Build QualityGoodGood
FeaturesWide Range of FeaturesWide Range of Features
DesignBoth PU Leather and MeshPU Leather, Mesh, Fabric
Price Range~$290 to ~$600~$200 to ~$700

Build Quality

If you’re buying a premium racing style gaming chair from a company like DXRacer of AKRacing, you don’t really have to worry about at all. All DXRacer and AKRacing chairs are built with metal frames, and high quality components that facilitate smooth and movement. Finally, if your chair does have quality control issues, both DXRacer and AKRacing offer very good warranties.

Both DXRacer and AKRacing chairs include powerful lifts, adjustable up-and-down armrests, and a twelve-step recline. However, one major difference is that AKRacing can recline a full 180 degrees, while DXRacer chairs can only recline a “paltry” 120 or 135 degrees. Whether this is a real advantage for AKRacing is up to you and how willing you are to snooze in your chair.


DXRacer has the better warranty. Both brands offer a two-year limited warranty on the chair, but DXRacer gives you a lifetime warranty on the frame, while Maxnomic does not. Though the DXRacer warranty for most chair components ends after you years, you have a lifetime guarantee that the chair will work as a chair forever.


For Americans, it may come as a surprise that a European company like AKRacing has a massive selection of chairs, with a staggering 19 lines of chairs in its offering. Obviously many of them are basically the same, but 19 distinct offerings without even getting into different covering materials and colors.

In the end, both companies offer very comparable lineups at fairly similar price points. Both companies offer:

  • Basic fabric racing style chairs
  • Wider versions of chairs
  • Premium leather gaming chairs
  • Large gaming chairs
  • Office style chairs

Both DXRacer and AKRacing offer “office chairs” as well, but they are basically racing style chairs that are a bit wider, a bit more cushy, and have less dramatic styling.


It’s a little unfortunate that all racing style gaming chairs basically look the exact same. Everyone just copies DXRacer, which is not a bad idea since DXRacer is very successful — but the lack of innovation in gaming chairs really does suck. In the end, choosing between the design of DXRacer of AKRacing chairs is basically comparing which logo looks better since the chair look the exact same.

However, I think the Masters Series chairs that AKRacing offers look very good. The basic shape of the chair is the same, but the design and colorways of the Max, Premium, and Pro series chairs that AKRacing offers look very attractive and striking compared to most DXRacer designs.

Price Range

Both DXRacer and AKRacing offer chairs at a wide variety of price points, but AKRacing appears to have a wider price range than DXRacer. An AKRacing Oynx Deluxe will set you back a staggering 700 dollars, but an AKRacing Prime Series chair on sale only costs $200. DXRacing has a more compact price range, from $300 for a base model Formula Series chair all the way tot he $600 Tank Series chair.

Who Wins Out?

I’m sorry to say that we can’t really say who is better. Both DXRacer and AKRacing chairs feel more or less the same.

Just buy the one you think looks better or is cheaper. After all, it is mostly your choice in the end.

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