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DXRacer Racing Series Review

The DXRacer brand is quite well known in the gaming chair industry, the racing series chair is a nice mid-range option for gamers looking to get their hands on a DXRacer chair. The model we reviewed here was quite high quality, decently comfortable, durable and well-designed and made. It isn’t the biggest chair DXRacer has available, for that look at the DXRacer King Series. (For an even more in-depth look at all DXRacer gaming chairs, take a look at this buying guide).


This chair covering is made up of Vinyl and PU leather, it is quite sturdy and well covered and we didn’t have much problem with the covering. The chair is mostly made up of sturdy metal, a lower base made of aluminum and a upper frame/arms made of steel. The chair is also covered with a tear resistant mesh that makes it harder for you to mess up.

The chair also features fully adjustable arms that can move in all major directions, I have weirdly proportioned arms so this helped me feel a lot more comfortable while sitting down for extended gaming sessions. The chair also supports a fairly wide range of heights and weights, it can support up to 190 cm (6’3) and up to 220 pounds of weight, if you need more take a look at the DXRacer King series.

The backrest is quite long which fits me quite well as I have a long spine, the lean function on this chair is also quite nice. You can lean back anytime you back begins to strain, up to 14 degrees of leaning and it can be locked there, the full tilt is 135 degrees meaning you can quite conceivably take a nap. You can adjust the seats height from 19 to 22 inches, the armrest can be set between 25.5-31.5 inches which is a huge range, the can also slide the armrest backwards or forwards which can help your posture quite a lot.

The PU rubber-covered armrests are also adjustable, and can be set between 25.5 and 31.5 inches off the ground by pulling the lever on the outside of each arm. They can also slide forward and backward across a 2.5-inch span, and can be twisted inward and outward up to 15 degrees each way (though the armrests will remain flat regardless of the yaw adjustment).


This chair has quite a bit of synthetic leather and the padding is a lot more thicker than I expected. This doesn’t mean that the chair is really uncomfortable and in some cases I find it to be actually better than thinner padding. The padding in most chairs is usually quite light, many times when you are playing for a long period of time your body and spine will “sink” into the chair causing your spine to be misaligned. When this happens your back usually starts hurting and if you do it on a consistent basis, the Racing Series doesn’t have this problem. I’ve found that my other chairs would usually start to “cave in” after 2-3 hours and after which my back would start hurting quite a lot, this chair however because the padding is so thick I can go for 6 hours straight and my back still doesn’t hurt.

I’ve found that the lean back function on this chair is quite useful, every hour or so you can lean back so that your body doesn’t feel all achy when you stop gaming. The chair is quite durable while doing this and I’ve never had the fear that my chair would just break while leaning back (this has happened to me while using a generic chair at a public place before).


This chair is a great addition to the DXRacer series and it fulfills the middle role between the King series and the Formula series. It has great functionality, flexibility and durability. It’s also a great value for the price as well and the DXRacer brand also has a great warranty policy in case anything screws up.

This is a great buy for anyone wanting to buy a good gaming chair.

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