DXRacer King Series Review

  DXRacer King Series – The King Sized DXRacer

If you looking for a DXRacer chair but the popular Formula Series or Racing Series chairs are too small for you, the larger DXRacer King Series gaming chair is probably the one for you. The King Series Chair is designed to seat a larger person that other DXRacer chairs, with a weight limit of 300 pounds and a recommended max height of 6’2″. It’s the same DXRacer workmanship and ingenious design that has made the brand the undisputed leader in the gaming chair market and the inspiration of countless rip-off brands – just in a larger package.

Our Rating: Extremely Good
A Quick Overview 
NameDXRacer King Series
Recommended WeightMax 275 lbs / 124.74 kg
ColorsBlack, Red, Cyan, Silver, White
Recommended Height5'9" / 1.75 m - 6'2" / 1.88 m
Weight66.14 lb / 30.00 kg
Covering MaterialStrong Mesh, Polyurethane Leather
Frame MaterialMetal
Included CushionsLumbar Cushion and Headrest
Seat Height Range20"-24"
Armrest Height Range26"-33"
Backrest Tilt Angle135°


If you compare a DXRacer chair to a standard office and a seat in a sports car or any car in general, you will see that the DXRacer chair has more in common with a car seat than any other freestanding chair. This is because ergonomics and design is extremely important for a car seat because it must provide comfort when you are confined in a tiny space for hours on end. DXRacer designs their chairs not to be cushy recliners, but to be capable of providing comfort and support for gamers using the chair in long gaming sessions in the same way a car seat has to be comfortable for a eight hour trip.

The chair is quite large in stature and robust in construction. The German-made pneumatic system functions smoothly and can support hundreds of pounds. The seat width is 27″ and the back width is 24″. The base of the chair can rock back and forth 12° and the entire back and recline down to 135° – almost like a bed. And on the bottom of the chair are wide 3″ heavy duty PU Casters, an upgrade from the smaller casters found on the DXRacer Racing or Formula Series chairs.

Coming with the chair are two additional attachable matching cushions, one lumbar cushion and one headrest.

The King Series chair has a very flashy design, with its sleek line, sharp angles, and stark con

trast with its dark primary color (black) and its secondary highlight. A large DXRacer logo is also inscribed right on the headrest of the seat.


Going from a standard cookie cutter office chair to any DXRacer is a big change – and you’ll likely need some time breaking in your few chairs. The first 48 hours are usually a little uncomfortable because of how different the design of a DXRacer chair is. The DXRacer chair is not designed for everybody, but it does the job it’s designed for pretty damn well. I had no problem at all with any of the many height or tilt adjustments of the chair and they all worked 100% perfectly even hundreds of pounds of load. The only thing that seemed to be less than satisfactory is the shaky armrests, but pretty much every adjustable armrest on any chair I have used is slightly shaky.

The covering of the chair consists of strong mesh and PU leather or just PU leather depending on which model you get. If you want a full PU leather chair, you’ll going to have to fork out another 30 dollars or so, which I believe is well worth it since the chair already is so expensive at over $400. Regardless of what type of covering you elect to choose, both the leather and mesh covering options feel very strong and resistant to wear and discoloring – as to be expected from a chair that probably costs more than your graphics card.

I have to reiterate again that a DXRacer chair is really only designed for hardcore gamers, and is definitely not for everyone. The chair offers great ergonomics and support, but poor cushioning even when you add on your additional modular cushions. If this isn’t your style, I would advise against spending a fortune on a chair you won’t necessarily enjoy using.

Final Words


This is indeed a great chair for people who are taller and weigh a bit more than average as all DXRacer Chairs are.

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