The Best Gaming Chairs of 2019

For the most part, gamers tend to almost entirely ignore seating when it comes to gaming. Gamers can spend hours and hours playing on an old office chair or even a simple wooden chair, gamers can spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on components like CPU’s, Graphics Cards, Capture Cards, etc… But many of them simply sit on an old chair without and attention paid towards seating.

Seating is one of the most crucial components to ensure a good gaming experience, even with a great setup many people will often develop lower back pain after gaming for long periods of time. Choosing a great gaming chair can actually be quite difficult and tedious, while a GPU, a CPU or a Monitor have specifications and detailed reviews practically everywhere there doesn’t exist similar specifications nor standards to find what chairs you should get. That’s why we’ve created this great guide based on real experience with these exact chairs for you today.

We’ve selected 12 different gaming chairs and have decided to partition the page into several different price points, budget, mid-range and high-end.

Obviously, the more expensive ones will tend to be better in quality but we’ve also created reviews for the less expensive ones.

The Best Gaming Chairs

Best Budget Gaming Chairs [$60-$120]

Essentials Racing Chair   63 / 100 Rating
 PU Leather & Mesh
  Colors: 5

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This chair is slightly more expensive than the first option, it’s only a tiny bit above 100$ but it’s still very well made and comfortable.

Coming to the technical details, the 360 height adjustment platform from 17 to 20.75 inches, the maximum weight the chair can support is around 250 pounds.

Like the Homall Racing chair, the surface padding is made up of a mesh and PU leather, you can get it to be either grey or green depending on your choice. The seating area’s total surface is about 20 by 18.875 inches, the backrest covers about 19.75 by 29.5 inches. The chair took us about half an hour of assembly time to get the chair ready for use, the backrest and headrest were a bit difficult to configure, however, the chair is quite sturdy after assembly. The only major technical issues we’ve found are the legs are made of plastic that doesn’t feel quite sturdy, and the backrest and headrest was hard to configure when setting up the chair.

For these reasons we’ve decided to add this chair to our list of budget gaming chairs.

Furmax Office Gaming Chair  70 / 100 Rating
 PU Leather & Mesh
  Colors: 3

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The Furmax Office Gaming chair is basically the only chair that we could find at this price point, at around 60 dollars almost all other chairs we could find were of terrible quality and were not even halfway considered for this list. Please refrain from trying to find a chair cheaper than 60 dollars, they will not be satisfactory to the slightest degree.

The technical features of this chair are that it includes a pneumatic height adjustment platform that can adjust in between 15.75 to 19.69 inches in height. The backrest is about 20.47 to 28.34 inches seating surface is about 20.4 by 20.86 inches. The only technical issues we could find are what you would probably expect in most other budget chairs, the build quality is obviously slightly lower than more expensive options, and the design is quite plain.

The design is not the strong suit of the chair but it’s basically the best you can hope for at 60 dollars and it also only comes with 3 colors (black, blue and red), the upside is the fact that the chair is actually fairly constructed and the seat padding is of decently high quality, it can fit around 280 pounds or so which is equivalent to most other budget chairs. The other great feature is the rather easy installation, it only took us around 15 to 20 minutes or so and the installation can be aided with tons of tutorials on the internet.

Homall Racing Style Gaming Chair  73 / 100 Rating
  PU Leather
  Colors:  5

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This chair probably has the most options and flexibility in terms of ergonomics than the other budget chairs, the Homall Racing Style Chair Series is a very good combo of both flexibility and build quality at a 100$ price point.

The chair’s ergonomic features include a great high-density foam construction with skin friendly and wear-resistant PU leather as seat material and a cushioned armrest, unfortunately, the armrest isn’t actually adjustable but it wasn’t really a problem in our experience. The seat’s height adjustment platform has a range from 17.3 inches to 21.5 inches.

The build quality is actually very much higher than the price would probably lead you to believe, many chairs that are twice as expensive may have lower build qualities, the level of modularity that the seat has is also great and again exceeds the expectations that the price point would have you believe.

The chair comes with 6 color options: Fully Black, Blue, Red, White, White/Black and a Red/White/Black option.

Best Middle-Range Gaming Chairs [$150-$400]

DXRacer F-Series OH/FD01/NR

 84 / 100 Rating
 PU Leather & Mesh
  Colors:  3

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DXRacer’s brand is one of the most well-rated brands in the whole gaming chair scene, so much so that we’ve actually created a separate article for them. DXRacer chairs have a wide range of differing maximum heights, weights and optimal body types and you should probably visit out DXRacer guide for more in-depth information.

This particular model of the DXRacer chair is primarily meant for the average man, the maximum height, and weight is 5’10 and 200 pounds or so while the recommended height and weight are 5’8 and 180 pounds. The ergonomic features of the chair include well-designed backrests, supports for your lumbar spine and shoulder support. The seating area is a bit small, only 14.5 inches by 12.5 inches by 17.75 inches and the maximum weight is only around 200 pounds which in today’s America is actually really quite small given that the average weight of a male in the US is now converging on the dreaded 200 pound mark (that’s at 5’9.5″ height BTW, a very overweight BMI). The adjustable ergonomic features were the armrests and the chair tilts around 135 degrees.

The assembly took us about 20 minutes or so and it’s quite sturdy after construction, the variant we use for reviewing is not the only one available, in fact, there are 2 separate color options and other variants can be purchased.

This chair is probably one of the most popular and purchased chairs available today.

Akracing K-7 Gaming Chair  84 / 100 Rating
 PU Leather
  Colors:  4

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You might be thinking: “This chair looks like a twice to the Formula Series chair!”, and you’d be correct, in fact many of the same features that the DXRacer Formula series has are in the AK-5015, practically identical in durability, build material, overall quality.

The AKRacing K-7 actually has many features that set it apart from the DXRacer Formula series chairs, for exam,ple the maximum weight that the AKRacer K-7 is 1.5 times as much as that of the DXRacer Formula series. The construction is entirely metal and the tilting range is much higher at 180 degrees instead of 135. Both seats have PU Leather construction but you can’t get much better than that.

It comes in 4 color variants, in this respect, DXRacer has more modularity in terms of color choices than what the AKRacing K-7.

This chair doesn’t have as much cushioning as many of the higher end chairs may have, but it does have lower lumbar support and a decent headrest. You cannot expect those sorts of things with such a low price however combined with the other features that this model provides.

GTRACING Gaming Office Chair  78 / 100 Rating
 PU Leather
  Colors:  4

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This chair comes with a lot of features that many more expensive gaming chairs don’t even have. It’s very modular and its ergonomics complement the role of a gaming chair very well.

The GTRACING Gaming Office Chair supports up to 330 pounds, so it can support a lot better of a maximum weight than the DXRacer F-series.

Although it’s not really pricey, the GTRACING Gaming Office Chair is quite good for extended gaming sessions, the chair seems almost to be designed around the purpose of being good for this as it has a breathable mesh for the backrest, it also has good padding for the seating area with a standard PU covering. The Office Factor Office Chair can also be adjusted upwards or downwards like other chairs.

The best thing is not only do you get all of these features but if the chair fails or breaks you also have a 1 year warranty on it.

The armrests are also easily adjustable and the lumbar support was quite decent. The backrest also has much more tilting range as we’ve observed the DXRacer F-series has, 170 on this chair vs. 135 on the DXRacer F-series vs. 180 on the AKRacer K-7.

Best High-End Gaming Chairs [$550+]

Herman Miller Classic
 89 / 100 Rating
  Colors:  1

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People usually think of gaming chairs as an accessory, spending a lot on a chair is usually considered a waste of money. This is a mistake, people don’t consider the amount of time that they will be spending in their gaming chair. Most people would use their gaming chair for a few hours a day. If you are in need of one this model is a is a versatile chair that will fulfill all of your needs and exceed your expectations for years to come.

The Aeron offers some of the best value, durability, build quality in the chair market, but it comes with a hefty price of almost a thousand dollars. The chair’s many features help to justify the high price. Adjustability is an important factor to consider when purchasing a gaming chair, and the Aeron doesn’t disappoint. You are able to pivot, tilt, and rotate the chair in almost every way.

The huge amount of modularity that this chair has, including a durable height adjustment platform and the adjustable backrest, allow for the chair to move to your heart’s content. The chair offers so many adjustment opportunities that it will be no problem selecting your favorite position for gaming.

There are many exclusive adjustments that are specific to the Aeron, such as the PostureFit lumbar supports, which are adjustable. Herman Miller’s patented tilt mechanism allows for your your neck, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles to move naturally. These exclusive features help justify the steep price of the chair.

The Aeron has many different varieties. There are three main size classifications for the chair, A, B and C with C being the largest. There are also three different frame types: aluminum, titanium, and graphite. The Herman Miller Classic Aeron also comes in a variety of colors so you can customize it to your liking. With this many options, there is a combination for everyone. The variety of options make this chair even more appealing.

If you are considering the purchase of an Aeron, you should do additional research before purchasing it. Pick your favorite design from their large selection. With the Aeron you either love it or hate it. For some people it offers a great solution to lumbar pain, to others it is a really expensive generic office chair. In case you are the latter, be noted that it comes with a 10 year+ warranty and a great return policy.

Steelcase Gesture  85 / 100 Rating
  Colors:  31

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The Gesture is a well rounded chair that does very well in every area. It is an extremely versatile chair that can be used for many purposes. The seat was designed with the intention that people would be sitting in it for hours at a time. It’s design helps improve the comfortability and reduce the amount of aching that comes from sitting for extended periods of time.

The variability of adjustment is one of the selling points of the Gesture. In most chairs, the seat is very customizable, and the same can be said with the Gesture. However, what sets the Gesture apart from most other chairs is the range of armrest adjustment possible. This is unique because in most other chairs, everything but the armrest is adjustable, the armrest usually gets adjusted with the seat itself, and is not able to move independently. Another good thing about the Gesture is that it can support up to 400 pounds, which is almost double what other chairs can support. There are seven colors in which the Gesture is available in. It’s contemporary, sleek design can work anywhere. Improve your gaming focus with the Gesture.


Our guide was made by chair experts that seek to spread knowledge of the newest gaming chairs. We want to help people find the chair that is perfect for them. Each review took a lot of consideration and thorough testing of the merchandise. We try our best to deliver the best quality reviews to best educate your chair selection. If you notice an error in our website, please notify us at, we strive for quality.

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