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Being the first to bring racing style gaming chairs from sports cars to gaming, we all think of DXRacer when we think gaming chair. DXRacer’s high quality chairs have earned the reputation of being the best racing style chairs on the market today.

Although DXRacer is one of the only chair makers that has a cult-following of avid fans, not every DXRacer is made for every gamer. When making your decision on which chair to pick up, make sure to select the DXRacer that fits your height, style, and weight the best.

DXRacer chairs are quite firm compared to an average chair. That doesn’t mean the chair is uncomfortable — in fact, it’s entirely towards the contrary. DXRacers are designed primarily for performance in long, intense gaming sessions. A lot of cheap foam isn’t going to provide the proper ergonomic support here.

DXRacer is one of the best brands out there, but I’ve seen people come back disappointed with them because they didn’t pick the right chair. It’s very rare to see someone unhappy with a DXRacer after they have done just a little bit of research and not only bought the one with the lowest price tag.

What does A DXRacer have to offer?

Recline Range:DXRacers chairs generally feature a twelve-step tiered decline to up to135°!
Headrest and Lumbar Cushions:Included Headrest and lumbar cushions unique to each model provide a customizable user experience
Steel Frame:Inside each DXRacer chair is a robust steel frame
Ergonomics:DXRacer chairs are based on the seats found on sports cars, which are known to have excellent ergonomics.
Footrests:Chair legs are flat and have grips to double as a footrest
Adjustable Height:Effortless and buttery height adjustment on every DXRacer chair

The DXRacer Lineup

DXRacer Formula Series

Being the original DXRacer chair, we’ve seen it quite a lot already in our friend’s man-cave, CS:GO competitions, etc.. They are first and foremost designed for players who are around 173 cm (5’8″) 178 cm (5’10”) and at around 150-180 pounds.

The base model Formula Series chairs are the cheapest thing you can buy with a “DXRacer” logo on it, though it’s still very pricey for a chair. It’s considered to be a “basic” chair amongst the DXRacer chairs but it still has all the fancy bells and whistles you would find on every other DXRacer product. You can ditch the cheap looking mesh and upgrade to a much nicer looking all-PU Leather covering for just 30 dollars.

The Formula Series is designed for averagely sized gamers, and if you are a bit taller and heavier than average, look into something like a King Series.

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ModelMax WeightMax HeightReclineCoveringPrice
Formula Series200 lb / 91 kg5'10" / 1.78m135°Fabric, PVC, PU Leather$$

DXRacer Racing Series

Think of the Racing Series chair as an expanded Formula series with a slightly different design. This chair series comes with a larger seat cushion — designed for users with a slightly larger body size, weighing from around 180 to 200 pounds. It’s still recommended that you try purchasing a large DXRacer chair if you are on the heavier or wider side.

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ModelMax WeightMax HeightReclineCoveringPrice
Racing Series200 lb / 91 kg6'1" / 1.85m135°Fabric, PVC, PU Leather$$$

DXRacer Drifting Series

The DXRacer Drifting Series is a bit different from the rest of the chairs we’ve reviewed so far. It’s not a simple derivation of the Formula series, it’s more of a standard work chair and has much more cushioning than the Formula series or it’s derivatives. The Drifting Series is also noticeably less flashy than most other DXRacer chairs, which is good if you’re a little turned off by the gaudiness of something like a colorful Racing Series chair. It’s on the small side and works well with the same body height and weight range of the Formula Series.

ModelMax WeightMax HeightReclineCoveringPrice
Drifting Series200 lb / 91 kg5'10" / 1.78m135°Strong Mesh+, PU Leather$$$

DXRacer Sentinel Series

The largest of the Formula Series analogs, the Sentinel Series is just like any other DXRacer chair – just bigger. Pretty much anyone can use this chair because of it’s size and that means it can be a good option if multiple people will be using it– though you might feel like a kid sitting on it if you’re shorter. The recommended height and weight for this chair is in-between 6’0″ to 6’5″ or 183 cm to 196 cm and 350lbs.

ModelMax WeightMax HeightReclineCoveringPrice
Sentinel Series350 lb / 159kg6'6" / 1.98m135°Mesh+, PU Leather, PVC$$$$

DXRacer King Series

DXRacer eventually realized they needed to have something versatile for people who are taller than average. The DXRacer King Series chair is a chair designed for people who are larger and taller than average. Aside from the larger size, it looks and functions pretty much identically to a Formula Series Chair.

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ModelMax WeightMax HeightReclineCoveringPrice
King Series300 lb / 136 kg6'2" / 1.88m135°Mesh, PU Leather, PVC$$$$

DXRacer Iron Series

The DXRacer Iron Series one of the pricer DXRacer chairs, and is essentially a Drifting Series XL size. With a recommended height limit of 6’2″ and a weight limit of 275 lbs, this chair can work for you if the Drifting Series chair is too small.

ModelMax WeightMax HeightReclineCoveringPrice
Iron Series275 lb / 125 kg6'2" / 1.88m120°PU Leather$$$$

DXRacer Classic Series

The DXRacer Classic Series is in terms of design a departure from the thin racing style chairs so characteristic of DXRacer. It’s still obviously a gaming chair, but one that is bigger, wider, and thicker. While the Drifting Series might look like something in a sports car, the Classic Series looks more like a seat you would find on a big American SUV. If the Drifting Series is too small for you but you still want a softer, more conservative chair — this is a good option. Like any big executive chair, the Classic Series is large, and has recommended weight and size restrictions much looser than other DXRacer chairs.

ModelMax WeightMax HeightReclineCoveringPrice
Classic Series300 lb / 136 kg6'0" / 1.83m120°PU Leather$$$

DXRacer Boss Series

Continuing on with the big DXRacers, we get to the Boss Series — the biggest and most expensive chair the company produces. There’s not much reason to get this behemoth unless you are 6’5″ and 250lbs, but DXRacer certainly isn’t going to stop you.

ModelMax WeightMax HeightReclineCoveringPrice
Boss Series450 lb / 91 kg6'2" / 1.88m120°PU Leather$$$$$
Past Models

DXRacer Origin Series

A step below in size from the base model Formula Series, the Original Series chair is the smallest model that DXRacer Offers. By virtue of it’s smallest size, it’s also the most affordable in all of DXRacer’s gaming chair lineup.

ModelMax WeightMax HeightReclineCoveringPrice
Origin Series180 lb / 82 kg5'9" / 1.75m135°Fabric, PU Leather$$


I hope this has been a brief, but precise and informative overview of DXRacer chairs for you. DXRacer has a wide variety of chair classifications, and the names of each series isn’t exactly indicative of what it’s intended use is. It’s important to buy a chair that isn’t too big or too small for your height, weight, and frame size because the performance-oriented chairs DXRacer produces are in general, built with less tolerance for variations for its intended users than a run of the mill office chair that is one-size-fits-all. No DXRacer is intended to be one-size-fits-all. You should obviously research each thing on your own beforehand as well.

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